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Wyatt Halliwell is the older son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt.


Born February 2, 2003 to Piper and Leo Wyatt is well known for his messing room and lack of cooking skills. He says that he keeps his room the way it is because he get's tired of the steryl environment of the hospital where he volunteers and doesn't want to live like that. And according to his cousin, Hank he actually does have cooking skills beyond a quick dialing finger, he just chooses not use them when there are much better cooks around to mooch off.


Wyatt is Piper and Leo's older son. He is also the brother of Chris and psuedo twin of Melinda. At the beginning of the series his girlfriend, Amber is missing, but he is still hoping that she is out there somewhere.

Between his parents he has eight aunts and uncles, though some of them are dead, and thirteen first cousins, all very much alive.


With magic being gone Wyatt didn't get much of a chance to learn his witch powers. His whitelighter powers of orbing and healing have gotten a lot of practice. Since getting his powers back he has mostly used telekinesis and his shield, but he has other powers that he hasn't tapped into.

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