Warren Jacobson (TRIQ)
Male Silhouette
Full Name Warren Patrick Jacobson
Parents Piper Halliwell
Richard Jacobson
Sibling(s) Melinda Halliwell-Wyatt
Additional Info
Power(s) Premonition
Species Witch
Series Triquetra
Number of Stories 2
First Appearance
Mentioned But Not Seen
Last Appearance
Only One Story

Warren is is the only son of Piper Halliwell and Richard Jacobson.


He is 16-years-old.


Warren is very insecure due to feeling like he never lived up to his fathers expectations. This is worsened when Warren is revealed to be a witch and is taken into custody by Hammer. There he feels as if he has ultimately disappointed his dad. He constantly tries to prove himself to others he's quick to learn and quick on his feet but is overly critical of himself if he feels as if he's failed. He has a inferiority complex towards Melinda and PH-383 because of their natural combating and weaponry skills.


In school English and Literature were alwasy his strong point as well as art/drawing. He's a keen talent to for poetry and spell crafting and memorizing facts about demons.

Personal EffectsEdit

A couple of sketch books.



Highly inuitive, Warren possess the power of premonition, brief visions of the future.

In the SeriesEdit

As Wicca as They ComeEdit

Witch's BroEdit




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