Vicki Trudeau (HUNT)
Vicki 001
Full Name Victoria Penelope Trudeau
Nickname(s) Vicki
Parents Prue Halliwell-Trudeau
Andy Trudeau
Sibling(s) Pat Trudeau
Additional Info
Power(s) Visions of Alternate Dementions and Realities
Species Witch/Whitelighter
Series Charmed: Witch Hunts
First Appearance
Daddy's Girl
Last Appearance
One Witch Standing

Vicki is the younger daughter of Prue Halliwell-Trudeau and Andy Trudeau.



She is the younger daughter of Prue and Andy. She has an older sister named Pat.


Although not allowed to actively use her powers, they were never bound for her own safety. The theory was that if she was going to be found out it would be with them bound or not and if she couldn't use them, she wouldn't be able to defend herself. Vicki's power never seemed to manifest itself, but in her sleep she would see people and places that didn't exist. Eventually she would learn that she had the ability to see alternate dimentions as well as parallel realities.

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Daddy's GirlEdit

Vicki is born and named after the father her mom lost.

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One Witch StandingEdit

Vicki doesn't realize how serious things are when her mom and aunts go after a villain in an anti-orb zone until her dad returns with her mom after the battle and tells Vicki and her older sister, Pat, that he almost was too late to save her and that he couldn't do anything for her sisters.



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