Series Episode
The Magic Is Back (HERI)
1X01 - 001
Originally Posted 2006
Season # 1
Episode # 1
Date of Story January 2, 2027
Chapter(s) 7
Link(s) Author's Site
Creative Team
Author(s) StoryGirl83
Posting Order
First Episode in Series
Stolen Souls

The Magic Is Back is the first episode of season one of Charmed: Heritage.


January 2, 2027 - Wyatt finds his brother mortally wounded and his healing power won't fix it. How will they fix it and what will they do when they learn that magic, missing more than twenty years, is suddenly back?


  1. The Life and Death of Chris Perry (Prologue)
  2. Those Stubborn Halliwells
  3. Magical Pillowfights and Brotherly Concern
  4. Mom's Hugs and Frisbees
  5. Deadly Darklighters and New Powers
  6. Answering Machine Dilema
  7. Family Dinners and Phone Calls



Main Story CastEdit

Flashback CastEdit

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