Series Story
The Halliwell Death Trap (RIPP)
RE1X01 - 001
Series Ripple Effect
Story # 1
Timeframe of Story 2012
Creative Team
Author(s) StoryGirl83
Posting Order
First Story in Series
Best Served Cold

The Halliwell Death Trap is the first story in the Charmed / Supernatural crossover mini-series, Ripple Effect.


A moment of relaxation leads to tragedy for the Winchester brothers. Grief stricken the remaining brother only wants his brother back, but stories of a killer house teams him up with what's left of the Halliwell family. Are their families lost forever?


  1. The Sky Is Falling
  2. San Francisco PD
  3. The Other Brothers
  4. Meeting the Family
  5. When Mommy Said "Good-Bye"
  6. Point of View
  7. Getting the Facts
  8. Rooftop View
  9. Pictures on a Wall
  10. The Family Name
  11. Regaining Perspective
  12. Summoning the Dead
  13. Wyatt's Book
  14. Another Meg
  15. Strip, Bind, or What
  16. A Warning and a Decision
  17. No Turning Back
  18. Something's Not Right Here
  19. Assessing the Situation
  20. A Little Bit of Good News
  21. One Spell at a Time
  22. How It All Went Wrong
  23. Body Count
  24. Hugs, Kisses, and Puppy Dog Tails
  25. A Moment In Time
  26. Another Choice to Make
  27. I'd Rather Not Die
  28. Irreversible
  29. It That's an Apology
  30. Relationships
  31. What They Couldn't Have
  32. A Sad Good-Bye
  33. A Surprising Call
  34. Good-Bye to an Old Friend
  35. Reunion
  36. Endings and Beginnings
  37. Extra Chapter - Takes place between "Reunion" and "Endings and Beginnings"



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