Series Episode
Stolen Souls (HERI)
1X02 - 001
Originally Posted 2006
Season # 1
Episode # 2
Date of Story January 4, 2027
Chapter(s) 12
Link(s) Author's Site
Creative Team
Author(s) StoryGirl83
Posting Order
The Magic Is Back
A Mother Knows

Stolen Souls is the second episode of season one of Charmed: Heritage.


January 4, 2027 - Chris goes to work at a job he doesn't remember while Wyatt goes to his volunteer job at the hospital. At the hospital patients who came in for minor ills are in comas and if something isn't done they will die.


  1. Underworld Plots and Forgotten Jobs
  2. Strange Illnesses and Missing Memories
  3. Break Room Chats and Rising Coma Stats
  4. Fuzzy Vision
  5. Hide From My Mother's Eyes
  6. Teaspoon or Tablespoon
  7. From the Place She Hides
  8. Hear These Words As I Knock
  9. Busted!
  10. Broken Orbs
  11. Don't Tell Mom
  12. Chris, the Demon Profile



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