Series Episode
Something in the Water (HERI)
1X17 - 001
Season # 1
Episode # 17
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Author(s) StoryGirl83
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My Curse on You ~ Part 2
A Brothers' Bond

Something in the Water is the seventeenth episode of season one of Charmed: Heritage.


A mystrious disease sweeps past every barrier and quarantine, seemingly striking it's victims at random, but not one magical being is sick. What is behind this disease and can someone stop it before it kills everyone without magic?


  1. What Makes a Warlock
  2. Until the Whole World Dies
  3. Witch's Fever
  4. Dev's Clueless Daddy
  5. Changing of the Guard
  6. The Meaning of Love
  7. 1897
  8. What the Elders Don't Know
  9. Good-Night, Sweetheart, Good-Night
  10. The Extra Day
  11. It's Time
  12. Bad News and Worse News
  13. Deadly Forest
  14. Guilty
  15. The Bloody Trail
  16. Trending Topic
  17. Getting Through the Door
  18. Sight for the Blind
  19. No News is Bad News
  20. To the Death
  21. Bunny




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