Patty is the mother of the four Charmed Ones, Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige.


She died when her girls were still young.


Patty is the mother of the four Charmed Ones. She is divorced from Victor Bennett, the father of her three oldest girls.


In the SeriesEdit

Phoebe Is DeadEdit

Her daughters summon her to deal with Phoebe's death and their sudden loss of powers.

A Friend Is CharmedEdit

Beloved WhitelighterEdit

Baby MagicEdit

First and Final LoveEdit

Dedicated to the Ones I LovedEdit

Mortal BloodEdit

Daddy's GirlEdit

Male Halliwell WitchesEdit

The Witch TrialEdit

Innocent of All ChargesEdit

Death TollEdit

The Facts of DeathEdit

Amnesia EpidemicEdit

Hearts AflutterEdit

Buckland BuyoutEdit

All Things MagicEdit

Magic HourEdit

The Last Good-ByeEdit

Twelve Days LeftEdit

One Witch StandingEdit



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Finola HughesEdit


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