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Melinda Wyatt is the only daughter of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt.


Born February 3, 2003 to Piper and Leo Wyatt in an alternate reality. She was brought to this time line with a badly worded spell.

She is a typical Halliwell in her dislike of hospitals, but due to the death of her beloved uncle in one, Melinda is even more prone to avoid them. As soon as her dad was discharged from the hospital in Something in the Water she bolted and headed up to Portland where she stuck around until a magical problem forced her to call her brother's for help.


Melinda is Piper and Leo's daughter from an alternate dimention where she was an only child. She is also the pseudo twin of Wyatt and sister of Chris. Once she found herself stuck in this reality she took a tour around the country trying to figure out how to deal with this situation.


When she arrived in this reality it was with her powers gone and no way to even cast a spell.

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Although Melinda herself is from an alternate reality, there are other incarnations of her that pop up in the series. In both she is the older sister of only one younger brother, Chris. In one reality their last name is Halliwell while in the other it's Wyatt.

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