Gideon (TRIQ)
Male Silhouette
Full Name Gideon
Additional Info
Power(s) Many, but weakened
Species Elder
Series Triquetra
Number of Stories 2
First Appearance
Mentioned But Not Seen
Last Appearance
Only One Story

Gideon is one of the few elders still around.


His exact age is unknown, but he is ancient.


Gideon takes benefitting the Greater Good and preserving the Grand Design very seriously. He is quite hard on Melinda because he knows that she has so much potential and her utter lack of responsibilty and seriousness frustrates him to no end. He is centuries old and very knowledgeable of magic and magic kind. Back in 2000 a warlock by name of Eames desecrated the Whitelighter and Elder population to the point where there where there are less than thirty whitelighters left in the world and less than ten Elders. Being one of the few remaining Elders left in the world, Gideon rarely ever leaves Haven because Darklighters and other evils jump at the chance to vanquish another Elder.


Vast knowledge of magical beings.

Personal EffectsEdit




Gideon has many abilities but is severely weakened due to there being less Elders than before. He can orb, heal others, throw lightning, sense the prescence of others, glamour his appearance, and has heightened intuition.

In the SeriesEdit

As Wicca as They ComeEdit

Witch's BroEdit



Jackson GildartEdit


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