Series Episode
Chris Perry's Favorite Relative (HERI)
1X04 - 001
Originally Posted 2006
Season # 1
Episode # 4
Date of Story January 20, 2027
Chapter(s) 15
Link(s) Author's Site
Creative Team
Author(s) StoryGirl83
Posting Order
A Mother Knows
A Friend In Need

Chris Perry's Favorite Relative is the fourth episode of season one of Charmed: Heritage.


January 20, 2027 - Chris and Wyatt get a visit from a much loved relative, but while he's there Chris is attacked by a demon who tries to mess with Chris's already messed up memory. Thinks will never be the same for Chris, Wyatt, or any of the other Halliwells.


  1. A Special Visitor
  2. Optimist, Not Delusional
  3. A Strange Demon
  4. The Calm Before the Storm
  5. Painful Rememberences
  6. It Wasn't Me
  7. The Scrying Bowl
  8. Know Thy Enemy
  9. The Demon's Guide to Fighting Halliwells
  10. The Other Me
  11. Bad to Worse
  12. Feats of Love
  13. Whitelighters Need Not Apply
  14. Unbalanced Blame
  15. Brotherly Banter



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