Chris Halliwell (HERI)
Chris 002
Full Name Christopher Perry Halliwell
Nickname(s) Chris
Born September 13, 2004
Parents Piper Halliwell
Leo Wyatt
Sibling(s) Melinda Wyatt
Wyatt Halliwell
Additional Info
Job(s) Chef at The Manor
Power(s) Orb (Self)
Orb (Objects)
Orb (Other)
Healing (Others)
Elder Jingle
Species Witch/Whitelighter
Actor Andrew Alan Fuller
Series Charmed: Heritage
Appears In Season(s) 6
Number of Episodes 16
First Appearance
1x01 The Magic is Back
Last Appearance
1x16 Something in the Water

Chris Halliwell is the younger son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt.


Born September 13, 2004 to Piper and Leo Wyatt.


Chris is Piper and Leo's younger son. He is also the brother of Wyatt and Melinda. At the beginning of the series he has to deal with having memories of two lifetimes and a job he doesn't really like or understand why he took.

Between his parents he has eight aunts and uncles, though some of them are dead, and thirteen first cousins, all very much alive.


With magic being gone Chris didn't get much of a chance to learn his witch powers, but in the other time line he used them a lot, so as a result of the two lifetimes of memories, he has lots of use of his powers. He didn't expect to get a new one though, but during the fight with Dam he accidentally turned himself invisible, a power reflective of his half elder status.

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