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Ben is Andy's brother.



Ben is the middle of the Trudeau siblings. He always looked up to his older brother, Andy, and looked out for his little sister, Sarah. So how did Sarah end up married to a demon's heir without him knowing it?


Although he is surrounded by people with magical powers, Ben himself does not have any.

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Season OneEdit

Ever since Ben learned about whitelighters from his then girlfriend, Alice Wells, he has wondered if his brother had become a whitelighter. When Chris and Kali came to tell him about his brother's fate, he was almost relieved when he thought they were telling him his brother was a whitelighter, because at least he knew. He was horrified when he thought they were telling him that his brother had been killed by a darklighter, but nothing beat the feeling when he realized they were telling him his brother was alive and well.

When Andy came down with witch's fever, Ben was unable to go to see him, because the risk to him was too great since he, like his brother, is nonmagical. He did keep frequent communications open with his niece, Vicki.

When it finally came to telling his sister, Sarah, that their brother was alive, he chickened out until the very end, telling her while Andy sat in his car in the driveway of Sarah's house. Once they got over that hurtle the surprises kept coming as the learned of Sarah's husband, Josh's, family background and finding out his parents knew long before he did.

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