Series Story
Beloved Whitelighter (HUNT)
Originally Posted TBD
Series Charmed: Witch Hunts
Story # 4
Creative Team
Author(s) StoryGirl83
Posting Order
A Friend Is Charmed
Baby Magic

Beloved Whitelighter is the fourth story of Charmed: Witch Hunts.


Prue gets a sudden and very strong idea that something is wrong, on the other side of the planet. She convinces Paige, who is still learning to control her orbing, to orb her there. They find a witch who was attacked and her whitelighter who has been shot with a darklighter’s arrow. They call Leo to help the wounded witch and dying whitelighter. Then, Prue realizes just why she needed to be here and who they just saved.




Main Story CastEdit

Flashback CastEdit

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