Archer (TRIQ)
Male Silhouette
Full Name Archer
Girlfriend Melinda Halliwell-Wyatt
Additional Info
Power(s) Red Lightning Bolts
Fade in Red Light
Shapeshift to Demonic Form
Species Witch/Demon
Series Triquetra
Number of Stories 2
First Appearance
Mentioned But Not Seen
Last Appearance
Only One Story

Archer is Melinda Halliwell-Wyatt's boyfriend.


He looks around 25ish.


Clever and Sarcastic, Archer is Melinda's boyfriend and confidant outside of Haven's walls. He's supportive of her and her newfound siblings and is almost always around to help. Very secretive of his past, Melinda knows little of his life before they met. Due to being half-demon, Archer cannot enter Haven's grounds and Melinda knows Gideon won't approve of their relationship so Gideon knows nothing of Archer's existence.


Holds vast knowledge of Underworld and has many contacts in the magical world outside of Haven as he sometimes goes down there to spy.

Personal EffectsEdit

He has an apartment Somewhere in San Francisco. Everyone needs somewhere to live.



Can produce red-lightning bolts and can fade/teleport in red light. He also has the power to cloak and can shapeshift into his demonic form, though he doesn't do so often. He has increased strength and resistance in his demonic form.

In the SeriesEdit

As Wicca as They ComeEdit

Witch's BroEdit




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