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Amber and Wyatt dated for over a year, but during the summer of 2026, both she and her older sister, Molly, simply vanished. Their parents and older brother, James, moved away and any investigation simply recieved no results. Wyatt's own personal searches recieved no results either and by the time magic returned he has resigned himself to her never returning. Amber's current statis and the whereabouts of either her or her body are not known. Wyatt never told her about magic.



Amber is the youngest of three. She is close with her older brother, James, and older sister, Molly.

In addition to that, she is dating, Wyatt Halliwell


Amber has no powers.

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First mentioned in A Friend In Need when someone made a comment to Wyatt about dating. It was later revealed that when she disappeared she had been visiting with her sister. Both of their cars were found, but neither sister.

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