Alice Trudeau (HERI)
Alice 001
Full Name Alice (Wells) Trudeau
Parents Mr. Wells
Mrs. Wells
Spouse Ben Trudeau
Sibling(s) Ashton Wells
Aiden Wells
Aaron Wells
Alec Wells
Kid(s) Mark Trudeau
Beth Trudeau
Additional Info
Power(s) Unknown
Species Witch
Series Charmed: Heritage
First Appearance
Morality Bites 2: Biting Back ~ Part 2
Last Appearance
Only One Story

Alice is married to Andy's younger brother, Ben.



Alice is the fourth of five children and the only girl to boot. Her brothers Ashton, Aiden, Alec, and Aaron drive her nuts, but they also manage to crack her up, especially when they are "swearing". After all, reciting a shopping list doesn't really count as swearing, even if it is in another language.


It uncertain what kind of power Alice has.

In the SeriesEdit

Season OneEdit

Although Alice is the magical one in her marriage when Chris and Kali told her and her family about Ben's brother, Andy being alive, again, it was her husband Ben who was the least surprised.

Season TwoEdit

Season ThreeEdit

Season FourEdit

Season FiveEdit

Season SixEdit



Charmed: Heritage AvatarsEdit

From CharmedEdit

Julia OrmondEdit


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